Comes with the highbanker module installed.
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M/68-60 has an incredible ability to capture gold. It doesn't matter whether it's micro gold or nuggets, it will capture almost everything with extremely small losses. The size of the bar will determine how big pieces of gold you will be able to capture.

Watch the different m/68s at Youtube

The m/68-60 will be delivered with transparent pipes made of ABS plastic which will make it easy to discover any junk in the pipes.

M/68-60 is easy to use, find a gold-bearing creek with a nice flow, place the sluice in the creek with a slope of about 3 - 10 degrees. Use a shovel to add the gravel in an even flow after removing the largest rocks. After running 100-200 liter of material, give the sluice a minute to concentrate the material some more. Carefully lift the sluice to avoid losing the concentrate. Put down the front in a bucket of water and work it up and down a few times to rinse the concentrate out of the concentrate box. Use a gold pan to pan out the concentrate.

On the left side of the M/68-60 you will find a mark indicating a slope of 10 degrees. It is easy to mount a spirit level to the sluice for even better accuracy. (The spirit level is optional, we will attache it to the sluice or send it unattached based on your request)

Experiment with the sluice, various types of materials and feeds might require other settings for otimal performance.

M/68-60 specifications:
Lenght: 60 cm
Input width: 26cm
Output width: 18cm
Height: 13cm
The concentrate box will hold about 1,3 liter concentrate
Material: 5mm ABS plastic
Grid in stainless steel with 7mm gaps and 2mm bars
Snap lock for locking grid, screw
Handle for transport (optional)
Working temperature  0 - +45°C
Weightt: ca 2,5kg

Suitable operating parameters:
100-200 liter water flow per minute through the sluice.
Slope 3 - 10 degrees
Feeding: Add enough gravel to let the sluice process the material before adding more.
Suitable material: The gravel should not contain rocks bigger than 40mm.
Avoid running extremely fine sand or clay as this can clog the concentrate box and then remove the functionality of the sluice.

Transparent Plexiglass Top for displaying the concentrate box is now standard equipment
Small spirit level.
Locking screw snap lock


Remove any rocks that are stuck in the grid using appropriate tool.
Clean the outside using a regular brush and some detergent, rinse it under water and wipe dry with a cloth or paper towels.
Use a bottle brush to clean the pipes if necessary.
Do not use any solvent like acetone or gasoline.


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Bazooka m/68-60 Med Highbanker modul.

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