If you're a serious gold digger, you might want to consider the Prospector 12". It's an exceptional product that offers three essential functions for the price of one.

The Prospector 12" combines high banker, dredge, and clean-up functionalities in a complete package. It's hard to find a better product than the Prospector 12" for gold prospecting.

Your job is to find gold-bearing material, and the Prospector 12" helps to catch the gold. The clean-up module and Dream mat come included in the price, which makes it as close to plug-and-play as it gets. You need only four wing screws to mount the Prospector and another four to tighten the legs. Connect a water supply.

The Prospector 12" system has a nugget trap of 24cm, a water damper, a mat-lock, a dream mat of 12" x 36" with a mini-cell installed, four fully adjustable legs, a crash box angle adjustment, a separate water inlet for the clean-up part, a stainless steel grid with 13mm pitch, and a 2" dredge connection panel with cover.
You can order the 3" dredge connection panel if needed.
It can also adapt to standard measurements of 12" and 36" for carpets. The water supply comes with a backwash of 2".

You can also choose to have an extension of 30.5cm x 91cm (12" x 36"), a perforated plate for the 3" Jetnozzel, or a splash and flow converter for the 2" Jetnozzel. During the summer of 2024, a Flare extension will also be available, but its size is yet to be determined.

Suitable carpets for the extension are Dream mat, Gold Owl, and Gold Hog.

The Prospector series is mainly made of 3mm aluminum and has adjustable leg mounts.
The legs for the Prospector series are two pieces of 50cm and two of 70cm. All brackets and legs are electro-galvanized to give them a nice golden finish.
The sight grid on the Prospector 12" is approximately 13mm between the pins, made of stainless steel, and is self-cleaning, with 5mm stainless steel solid pins.
The crash box is also in 3mm aluminum with adjustment options to get the desired angle. The crash box adjustment legs are made of stainless steel for durability.

Two different water systems are available, with counterwash 2" included. The spray bar is also available as an option.
The nugget trap is 24cm and is made of 1.5mm aluminum with a reversed riffle, Miner's moss, and expanded metal. The nugget trap often captures more than 50% of the gold, which makes it a must-have for anyone.

The water supply to the clean-up part consists of a box in 1.5mm Aluminum 29cm x 15cm x 9cm with a 28mm water connection. Inside the box is a water divider and Miner's moss to make the outflow evenly distributed.

All screws in the Sluice are countersunk, so nothing catches. Everything is laser-cut and machine-bent, which gives it a perfect fit, with no clumsily made welds.

The overall dimensions of the Sluice are 120cm long and 31cm wide. You can extend the Prospector 12" with an extra module of 91cm x 31cm (12" x 36") if needed.

The Prospector 12" weighs approximately 20+kg when complete with legs and mat. It's packed in a box that measures approximately 127cm * 47cm * 46cm. The Sluice is delivered in a box that is sent with a forwarding company such as DHL/Schenker.
Shipping is free within Sweden, and shipping to Norway, Finland, and Denmark is also available at a lower price.

Mounting the Prospector 12" is effortless. You need only a 13mm spanner or wrench to screw the crash box to the front edge with two wing screws m8 * 16mm.
Then you attach the angle legs for the crash box with two wing screws m6 * 12mm.
Finally, you screw the longer legs, 70cm, to the crash box and the shorter legs, 50cm, to the outlet.
You can then install a suitable water supply and you're done.

As a high banker, you can choose between two water/washing systems: the spray bar or backflush. When the material comes out of the crash box, the smaller material falls approximately 13mm through the grid, where it lands on the nugget trap.
The nugget trap consists of a lower part with a reverse riffle that has Miner's moss and reverse expanded metal at the top. The nugget trap usually catches more than 50% of the gold, and the material then goes out into the chute where a Dream mat catches the rest of the gold.

As a dredge, you can choose between two systems: Jetnozzle or a suction nozzle.
Jetnozzle is the smoothest solution that provides the best suction, requiring only one hose to the suction area.
The jet nozzle needs a high-pressure pump of about 5-7bar and about 300-500 liters of water/minute for the Prospector 12". The suction nozzle is used directly under the water at the suction site and requires two hoses out to the nozzle.
The suction nozzle needs a high-pressure pump of approx. 5-7bar and approx. 300-500 liters of water/minute for the Prospector 12".

The depth at which you can dredge is determined by the pressure (bar) of the water pump. It is not recommended to dredge at a pressure lower than 3-4 bar.

Combining Dredging and Highbanker can work great for feeding materials. One machine sucks up the material while the other digs it.

For the Clean-up process, start by removing the Crash box and setting it aside. Loosen only four wing screws to do this. Then, mount the water box onto the Sluice part and secure it in place using two wing screws.
Connect the water pump of appropriate size, which should be between 200 to 350 liters/minute. The water box has a 28mm connection and a 32mm hose works well. Adjust the flow as needed. Place your material at the beginning of the Dream mat to start the Clean-up.

When setting up the Clean-up Sluice, keep the slope as low as possible without risking material clogging up.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll be happy to help.
You can reach us by phone at 0734-020 100 or by email at info@paydirt.se.

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Prospector 12"

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